Patient Management

Is tomosynthesis appropriate for your patients?

Breast tomosynthesis has been shown in clinical studies to find breast cancers that may be missed with conventional 2D imaging alone and to significantly reduce non-cancer recalls.1,4

In addition, tomosynthesis improves the performance of mammography in both fatty and dense breasts, making this an appropriate procedure for all mammography patients.7

Explaining tomosynthesis to your patients

This video explains the concept of tomosynthesis in terms patients can understand and lets them know what to expect during a tomosynthesis exam.

Patient counselling

Some key points to use in discussing this technology with patients include:

  • A 3D mammogram is an effective test that, when used in combination with a conventional 2D mammogram, can find some cancers that may have been missed with traditional mammography, reduce your chance of being asked to come back for additional tests, and may reduce the number of unnecessary breast biopsies performed
  • Adding tomosynthesis to an exam does deliver a slightly higher dose of radiation, but it is below safety standards8
  • Tomosynthesis is effective in all patients and has shown particularly good results in patients with dense breasts
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