Imaging Exam Modes

Providing Flexibility

The Selenia Dimensions system was designed as a single platform to provide an efficient solution for any breast imaging need. One-touch lets the operator effortlessly select one of three imaging modes: conventional digital mammography only, tomosynthesis imaging only or a combination of digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis under one compression (also known as combo mode ).

These flexible imaging modes give radiologists the options needed to tailor the exam to a specific patient. When a exam is performed in combo-mode, the breast is compressed in the normal way. At the start of the exam, the X-ray tube first sweeps in a 15-degree arc over the breast to acquire a series of 15 low-dose projection images at multiple angles. These projection images are mathematically reconstructed into a 3D breast image.

Immediately following the tomosynthesis scan, the High Transmission Cellular (HTC) grid automatically comes into the imaging field, and a conventional digital mammogram is acquired.

This complex operation is completed in just seconds, giving the radiologist both a 2D mammogram and a tomosynthesis scan, under the same compression, for perfectly co-registered images.

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