Should something suspicious be discovered in a patient’s exam, your goal is to give her answers as quickly as possible. The Selenia Dimensions platform has the potential to reduce the number of exposures for diagnostic imaging, without sacrificing any valuable patient data, which can result in a reduced x-ray dose for your patients1.

Breast tomosynthesis provides clear, high-resolution images that virtually eliminate tissue overlap, giving you the tools to more confidently confirm a cancer or dismiss false positives.The sharp image detail of the Selenia Dimensions system helps you better visualise masses and asymmetric densities1 for clearer diagnostic rulings.

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1 Zuley M, Sumkin J, Ganott M, et. al. Digital breast tomosynthesis vs. supplemental diagnostic mammography images for the evaluation of non-calcified breast lesions. Radiological Society of North America annual meeting. Chicago, Il, 2011.

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