Business Benefits

The power of breast tomosynthesis is here

Hologic Selenia Dimensions is the first commercially available system to deliver on the extraordinary promise of breast tomosynthesis. And now, you can be among the first to offer this cutting-edge breast cancer detection technology to the women in your community.

Transform breast care at your centre with breast tomosynthesis

The Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis system virtually eliminates detection challenges associated with overlapping structures in the breast — the primary drawback of conventional mammography. The clinical benefits of breast tomosynthesis have tremendous potential to improve patient outcomes including:

  • Better visualised masses, distortions and asymmetric densities1 may translate to earlier detection of cancer2. In turn, earlier cancer detection can open the doors to more treatment options, including less invasive procedures, while reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Reduction in recall rates,3 potentially reducing patient anxiety and reducing the patient’s out of pocket expense for an unnecessary follow-up exam
  • Improvements in addressing dense breast tissue problems - breast tomosynthesis offers potential improvements in diagnostic and screening accuracy shown to lower call-backs and reduce biopsy rates.

By adding tomosynthesis, your business stands out as a health care leader in the community. This can lead to patient capture and retention for breast health and family health needs.


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