Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions is the first tomosynthesis system to be commercially available allowing you to harness the power of breast tomosynthesis to identify and characterise individual breast structures with clarity never before possible1.

In fact, breast imaging with Hologic’s breast tomosynthesis system allows you to find cancers or abnormalities earlier, significantly improving your detection rate compared to conventional 2D mammography2. Studies on the use of breast tomosynthesis in combination with 2D digital mammography have proven that masses, distortions and asymmetric densities are better visualised with Hologic’s breast tomosynthesis technology than with 2D digital mammography alone1.

The proven effectiveness of Hologic’s latest breast imaging innovation offers radiologists the confidence to significantly reduce recall rates3-4. Breast tomosynthesis is set to change the paradigm of breast cancer detection. Learn more about its full potential. Learn more

This site is intended for healthcare professionals to provide information on breast tomosynthesis technology and Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions system.


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The Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis system features award-winning technology, design and service. Learn more about this celebrated mammography platform.


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Hear from leading international radiologists on their first hand experiences implementing tomosynthesis in practice.

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